Our point of lay chickens are professionally reared, fully vaccinated and wormed.

These all come with a one week health guarantee from date of sale, this is extended to two weeks if a poultry tonic is purchased with the hens

The colour of the eggs can never be 100% guaranteed, especially the blue/green egg layers

Our hens are usually sold between 17-26 weeks old; point of lay can be anywhere between 18-24 weeks, so don’t expect your hens to be laying immediately – they can also take a few weeks to settle in to their new home

Some hens can get very stressed when moving home and we would recommend using a poultry tonic or poultry boost for a few weeks when you take them home, it will help boost their immune system and reduce the stress, these are all available to buy when you collect your hens

We always have plenty of hens and a good selection of breeds available.

We can accept the following methods of payment: CASH, CARD, APPLE PAY & GOOGLE PAY

This batch of hens are now available to everyone, to reserve your place for our next batch of hybrids (late August/early September) a deposit of £10 per hen is now required.

The link below will send you to our supplies page where the payment can be made.

Click here to go to our poultry supplies website

Unfortunately, I can’t reserve specific breeds but hopefully I should have a good selection of hens.

Your place can always be rolled over to the next months batch if you’re not happy with the breeds available at the time, you’ll then have a much better selection to choose from.

Once I’ve supplied everyone on the waiting list each month the remaining hens will be available as usual.

The bantams and pure breeds are available without a deposit.

We’re no longer using a waiting list to reserve hens but good news, you can now buy your hens online through our website.

When this option is available you will be able to choose the individual breeds you’re after. If for some strange reason the breed of hen you’ve ordered isn’t available, you’ll be offered a full refund or an alternative breed.


As it’s always been, you’re still be welcome to roam around our enclosure and choose your own individual hens when you come to collect your order

The link below will send you to our supplies page, where you can also see what hens are currently available and preorder from future batches of hens.

Click here to buy your hens, find out about availability and order supplies.
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Hybrid Chickens

Hybrid Blue & Dark Egg Laying Chickens

Bantams and Pure Breeds

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