Basic Facts

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  • A secure paddock is a must, they will find an escape route if one is there
  • They need very little attention, apart from annual checking of the hooves and worming if required
  • No need for shearing as they moult during spring and summer
  • Lambing is normally trouble free and will take place without the need for any intervention
  • Being a small breed whey will have little impact on your land in winter
  • Grazing can be supplemented with ewe nuts or sugar beet and hay during winter
  • A handful of ewe nuts or sugar beet fed daily will soon have them running to you when you shake the food bucket
  • Believe it or not, if you place a football in your paddock, they will have fun knocking it around (I will post a video soon)

CPH Number Required

All of our Soay Sheep need a CPH number to purchase    CLICK FOR MORE INFORMATION