Our free range eggs are from hens that have unrestricted access to secure  paddocks, including an orchard and a recently planted wood. Unlike some producers who label their eggs free range when all they’ve done is move a confined pen to new grass, or opened a door to their chicken sheds to an area of bare dirt.

Being allowed to freely range outdoors, our hens have access to a varied diet including grass, insects, worms and seeds. This results in happy hens and a more nutritious egg that tastes like they used too.

We have about 130 laying hens, they’re a mixture of breeds and ages which can result in the number of eggs available fluctuating from time to time

These are available from the farm gate and are £2.20 for 6

Meet the chickens who are laying your eggs
Light Sussex Chicken
I’m a Light Sussex
I lay a cream egg
Silver Sussex Chicken
I’m a Silver Sussex
I lay a light brown egg
I’m a Leghorn
I lay a white egg
Cream Legbar
I’m a Cream Legbar
I lay a blue egg
Bluebell Chicken
I’m a Bluebell
I lay a mid brown egg
Cuckoo Maran
I’m a Cuckoo Maran
I lay a dark brown egg
Warren Chicken
I’m a Warren
I lay a mid brown egg
Speckled Chicken
I’m a Speckledy
I lay a brown egg