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Our quality hybrid hens are professionally reared, fully vaccinated and wormed. They free range and have unrestricted access to secure paddocks including a recently created wood.

All our chickens come with a two week health guarantee from date of sale

Below are the varieties of point of lay chickens we have available
Light Sussex Chicken
Light Sussex

A lovely old fashioned style bird, white with black markings around her neck and tail. Lays brown eggs. approximately 260 per year.

Dark Sussex Chicken
Dark Sussex

A lovely bird, laying approx 270 brown eggs per year. A reverse cross of light Sussex.

White Leghorn
Amber Star

A beautiful chicken, laying around 300 brown eggs per year.

Cream Legbar
Cheshire Blue

They lay a blue egg and around 270 eggs per year, significantly more than a cream legbar.

A great chicken to add to your flock


Bluebelle Chicken

Our Bluebelle lays around 260 brown eggs a year. A very popular chicken.

Black Rock
Black Rock

Our Black Rocks lay 280 eggs per annum, they are hugely popular and very docile birds that love the outdoor life whatever the weather

Gold Star

They lay a lovely brown egg, 330+ per year and is ideally suited for first time chicken keepers.

Speckled Star
Speckled Star

Lays 270+ lovely speckled brown eggs per year